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We at Allied have a wide variety of services from design and fabrication to installation and servicing. Our 33 thousand square feet of shop space can handle all types of fabrication. Among our many services, we specialize in the fabrication of platforms & product handling conveyors to suit a wide variety of food industry needs, including beverage and dairy equipment. We produce a high quality product in a timely manner at a competitive price. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements, then meet or exceed them. We are equipt with the latest equipment and our employees have the experience and know-how to complete the task. Our fleet of trucks can handle any job, and we have instant communication with our plant and engineers to make sure we have completed the project successfully!


Industry Focused Products & Services


Allied has been designing and building food handling equipment for over 40 years. Various augers, flat beds or incline conveyors can help you get your product to the right place at the right time.


From simple crossover platforms to working platforms of all types, we will design, fabricate and install to meet your needs. They can be designed with multiple working tops such as a fiber grate, floor plate or a special anti-slip coating. A standard carbon steel platform can be finished with paint or galvanizing. Stainless steel platforms may be given a sanitary polish or a special uniform finish by glass


We can design you a simple holding tank or a specialized chemical tank. They can be motorized for mixing or product direction hoppers. They can be fabricated from carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. All can be designed and finished to our customers request and needs.


Our in house laser cutter can take your custom project to the next level. With a 5’x 10′ cutting area, we can handle nearly any job of any size, with precision upto one thousandth of an inch.


The hard work and pride of our highly skilled craftsman go into every stainless steel sanitary facility. Be it cola, milk, pie filling or just plain water, we have designed, built and installed the equipment and piping necessary to make the operation run smoothly for all types of food handling systems. We will supply a turnkey product for you.


We have the comprehensive knowledge and skill to design, fabricate and install your ribbon blender. We also specialize in re-lining existing blenders of both stainless and carbon steel. We can custom fabricate specially designed blenders in various sizes and shapes according to your needs. We refinish all blenders by sanitary polishing the surfaces for the food industry, or glass bead blasting and painting for all other industries.


When your project calls for more precision than a torch and welder can provide, we have the right equipment to give you the fit that you need. Our machining centers provide us with the ability to produce products that fit right the first time. Large flame cut steel and machining are also available.


Need additional space for your production upgrades but don’t think you have the available space? We’ll go to many heights to accommodate your needs in a safe and professional environment. Our mobile fabrication shops are fully equipped and ready to do the job!

Allied Fabricating and Welding Structural Fabrication


For both special uniform finishes and sanitary applications, we will glass bead blast your product to a perfect finish. Glass bead blasting is quickly becoming the finish of choice for most food processing plants. A special mix is used to give your product a finish that is easier to clean and sanitize. The glass beads are blasted through a special tungsten nozzle with 150 pounds of pressure, giving your product a more professional look.


Our design team needs only an idea in order to successfully produce a high quality product, but an original drawing or AutoCAD file may also be used to meet the needs of your project. We specialize in high quality Stainless Steel fabrication from simple rust resistant structures to a highly polished food handling systems.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to painting. We can do any color, finish, or temperature specification needed for your project.


From production line style fabrication to integrated production equipment to “one-of-a-kind” custom built designs, Allied will work with you to help you meet your goals!

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